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Em hãy đọc phần transcript của một bài thi nói IELTS để hiểu rõ hơn về format cũng như cách thức tiếp cận các câu hỏi nhé. Sau đó hãy trả lời các câu hỏi theo cách của em. Hãy nói to câu trả lời như em đang giao tiếp thực sự với giám khảo. Nếu có ai đó đóng vai làm giám khảo để hỏi em thì tốt nhất. Nếu không hãy đọc mỗi câu hỏi rồi trả lời ngay. Đến Part 2, em có thể chuẩn bị trong 1 phút.

Part 1

Examiner: Do you have a job? Do you like it? Why or why not?

Candidate: Yes, I have a job. I work as an enrollment manager for a university. I recruit new students into the program. I like it a lot because I can help people, and I get to meet a lot of new and interesting people.

Examiner: Why did you choose this job?

Candidate:I chose this job because I enjoy travel, and I like meeting people. I have to travel at least 25 percent of the time for my job. I am always talking to people, e-mailing them, or writing articles about our university. It's real­ly interesting.

Examiner: What kind of education or training did you need to get this job?

Candidate: I have my MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and that's the same program that I recruit students into. So, having that education really helped me to get this job, because I know what the students need to suc­ceed in our program. Also, I've taken courses in public speaking so I'm comfortable giving presentations about our university.

Examiner: Why do you like this kind of job?

Candidate: I like this job because I make a positive difference in students' lives everyday. Also, I spend some time in the office, but I'm on the road a lot, too, seeing different places and moving around. I wouldn't like a job where I had to sit in an office everyday.

Examiner: How can you prepare yourself to get this kind of job?

Candidate: To prepare yourself for this kind of job, you need a degree in business administration or public relations or something like that. You don't always need a master's degree, but a lot of universities prefer it. It's also good to have experience working in the admissions office or financial aid office or something like that of a college or university to gain experience in how the process works.

Examiner: How do people choose jobs?

Candidate: People choose jobs in many different ways. Some do what their parents did. Others have a great love of something. Sometimes people just look at the money they earn. I think you should know what you enjoy and what you're good at, and choose your profession that way.

Part 2

Describe a holiday' that you have celebrated recently.

You should say:

what the purpose of the holiday is who you celebrated with

why this holiday is important to you

and describe some activities that you did as part of the celebration

Examiner: You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic. You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

Candidate: I recently celebrated New Year's Day. The purpose of this day is to welcome the New Year. I think people celebrate it just about everywhere in the world. I celebrated with my cousins. We try to get together every year to celebrate this holiday, even though some of us live far away now. They're like my brothers and sis­ters; we grew up together. And that's the reason why this holiday is important to me, because I know I will see my cousins then. We're still young, so we did what young people do. We went to some clubs and stayed out all night dancing. We also met up with some old school friends, so it was like a reunion. We stayed out really late, until about 5:00 in the morning. The next day we went to my aunt's house and had a big family dinner with all the aunts and uncles and cousins, everyone in the family of all ages. We ate/had my country's traditional food and told stories and played games. It was a traditional family party. We do it every year.

Part 3

Examiner: What are some important holidays in your country?

Candidate: Some important holidays in my country are New Year's Day, National Day, and Children's Day.

Examiner: Why do people celebrate holidays?

Candidate: Holidays are a time to remember important dates and people from our past and to practice our traditions. They're also a time to be with our families, and to relax and enjoy good food.

Examiner: Do you think holiday celebrations have changed over the years? Why or why not?

Candidate: Holiday celebrations haven't changed much over the years. The dates are the same, and the reason for each day hasn't changed. Families and friends still meet and spend time together,

Examiner: Do you think the importance of holiday celebrations has changed over the years? Why or why not?

Candidate: No, I don't think that the importance of holiday celebrations has changed. These days are still special for everyone. But sometimes it's difficult for people to have time to really enjoy the holiday.

Examiner: How will holidays be different in the future?

Candidate: In the future, we may have some new holidays. Also, with so many busy families, some of the holiday tradi­tions may change. Instead of eating home-cooked food on holidays, I think that more and more families will go to restaurants. Then they can do less work and still enjoy the holiday together.


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Cô Nhã (thạc sĩ chuyên ngành giảng dạy ngôn ngữ tại đại học Queensland, Australia), giáo viên Đại học Ngoại ngữ đã có kinh nghiệm dạy IELTS hơn 20 năm. Cùng với nhóm giáo viên của Đại học Ngoại ngữ trong những năm qua cô đã giảng dạy cho hàng ngàn học sinh, sinh viên, người đi làm. Rất nhiều trong số này đã đạt được 7.5 đến 8.5 trong kỳ thi IELTS.