16-SPEAKING-PART 2+3-A Library

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SPEAKING – PART 2 + 3                     A Library 

Các em ơi cô Nhã lại cung cấp cho các em thêm một chủ đề rất quen thuộc về library trong phần thi nói của IELTS nhé.

Em hãy học những cấu trúc hay được in đậm (tra cứu từ điển với những từ /cấu trúc mới để nắm được cách phát âm và cách sử dụng).  Sau đó hãy trả lời các câu hỏi nhưng cũng nhưng không học thuộc lòng câu trả lời mà hãy trả lời theo cách của em.  Em nên làm việc nhóm với một bạn khác để bạn đóng vai trò làm giám khảo hỏi em những câu hỏi dưới đây hoặc cả hai cùng thảo luận những câu hỏi trong phần này. Dùng lại được một số cấu trúc hay mà em học được từ bài mẫu khi có thể. Em nên dùng lại các cấu trúc này càng nhiều tốt khi giao tiếp bằng tiếng Anh để có thể  thực sự dùng được chúng sau này trong nói và viết. Chúc em học và nói thành thạo về chủ đề này J. 

Nếu cần tìm bạn ghép nhóm để học em có thể gọi về số 0917511052 để được trợ giúp. Các anh chị trợ giảng sẽ tìm nhóm học cho em.  (Cô Nhã)

Part 2  A Library


Describe a library that you often go to.

You should say:

what library it is

where it is /what the library looks like what you do there

and explain why you like this library.

I  like to go to a library near my home.

It is located in a very new building that has some beautiful urban sculptures standing on the grounds around it. The library has many floors, and each floor has different sections.

The first time I went there I needed a lot of help to find books but now I feel like it is my second home. When I go to the library I feel like I am leaving a lot of my worries and cares behind, even if I have to go there to research or study. I think that is because I know I can always find a quiet, private place to read or do my work. And if I want to travel to a different place or a different time, I can do that at the library by finding a book or computer that will take me into another world.

I am particularly interested in this library because it has a lot to offer. Besides having a good stock of books, it also provides office equipment such as a good copy machine, a book binder, many computers and printers, and much more. And it has very good service too. If you need a book in another library it will obtain that book for you by either shipping it from the other library or purchasing the book.

Part 3


1. What kind of people go to libraries most often?

I think people of all ages use the library. However, I think students use the libraries more often than older people. I often see young children in the library, but I think university students use the library the most frequently. In my opinion, the older generation use libraries the least. Some are too busy and others have no interest in books.

2. Why do you think a library is a good place for reading?

I think that the atmosphere in the library is conducive to reading because number one, it is one of the quietest places you can go. Also if you start reading something and you find you are not interested in it, it is one of the best places to find another book. Nowadays many people read from computers. It is very convenient therefore to be able to access materials on the Internet at the library.

3. Even though it might cost a lot to maintain a library, do you think the government should open more public libraries?

On the one hand I think that it is very worthwhile to have plenty of libraries. On the other hand, with the way technology is improving practically each day, it may be wiser to invest in making computers more accessible to more people. It is possible to go to an Internet café and go online, but much of this time is spent on worthless computer games and watching movies. Establishing computer libraries and teaching people how to use them beneficially might be a good idea.

4. Do you think public libraries should be free of charge?

It would be nice if libraries were free, but usually you have to pay a fee or put down some kind of deposit. I don't think this is too unreasonable as people often do not appreciate things they get totally for free. If people know they can get their deposits back if they do not damage any books, then it makes them more careful. Of course the government should subsidize libraries so that people do not have to pay exorbitant costs.

5. How do you think libraries will change in the future?

I can picture a future where computer technology will enable us to have easy access to all the resources a library provides. People may not even have to read. They could just listen to texts. It may sound like fantasy, but with all the progress in technology I think it is very possible fantasy           

6. What kind of skills do you think library staff should have?

I think library staff should always be very well informed as to where things are located in the library. This will enable them to help people to save time in finding what they need, which is a very big help in our busy times. I think they should also be very courteous as people who are using the library can often be under a lot of pressure and often need a lot of help. Library staff should also be efficient and have organizational skills. They may have to take care of a lot of details and it would make things very difficult for those using the library if items were lost or difficult to find. Last but not least library staff should be patient. They may be faced with a myriad of requests each day and those using the library will be unhappy if the staff are frustrated, impolite or upset.

7. What can be done to make libraries more attractive?

I am interested in interior decorating and one thing I would recommend for libraries is to incorporate more neutral colors into the decor. I believe that nowadays libraries are decorated to use maximum space and reflect maximum light. Browns and other muted colors can create a warm atmosphere. Comfortable and attractive seats can also make the environment more inviting. Also I am in favor of having works of art in libraries. Not necessarily originals but good quality copies of famous works are attractive as well as educational.

8. How has the Internet affected the popularity of libraries?

Certainly the Internet provides easy access to sources of information, although their validity should be suspect. However, there is nothing on the Internet that replaces picking up an actual book and reading it. Reading a book is a tactile experience. Books can be carried everywhere and read at any time. Although I use the Internet for a number of things, I have in my personal library about 300 reference books and I find things in them that I do not find on the internet. I augment this library with books from the public library.


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