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SPEAKING – PART 2 + 3                    A Meal

Em tiếp tục luyện tập với một chủ đề của IELTS cùng cô nhé.

Em hãy học những cấu trúc hay được in đậm (tra cứu từ điển với những từ /cấu trúc mới để nắm được cách phát âm và cách sử dụng).  Sau đó hãy trả lời các câu hỏi nhưng cũng nhưng không học thuộc lòng câu trả lời mà hãy trả lời theo cách của em.  Em nên làm việc nhóm với một bạn khác để bạn đóng vai trò làm giám khảo hỏi em những câu hỏi dưới đây hoặc cả hai cùng thảo luận những câu hỏi trong phần này. Dùng lại được một số cấu trúc hay mà em học được từ bài mẫu khi có thể. Em nên dùng lại các cấu trúc này càng nhiều tốt khi giao tiếp bằng tiếng Anh để có thể  thực sự dùng được chúng sau này trong nói và viết. Chúc em học và nói thành thạo về chủ đề này J. 

Nếu cần tìm bạn ghép nhóm để học em có thể gọi về số 0917511052 để được trợ giúp. Các anh chị trợ giảng sẽ tìm nhóm học cho em.  (Cô Nhã)

Part 2 A Meal


Describe a meal you would like to invite your friends to You should say:

who you would invite

where you would eat this meal

what you would eat

and explain why you would choose to eat this food

I would like to invite my friends to a hot pot meal. I would invite my closest friends, the ones that 1 hang out with and have the most in common with.

I would of course invite my girlfriend so that she could meet my friends. That is important to me. I think my girlfriend should know what I am like when I am with my friends.

I would find a nice restaurant with a good atmosphere where the waiters are friendly and the owners are working to give you the best experience you can have. I would not choose a big, monstrous place where everything would seem so impersonal, but instead a restaurant that has a family ambiance

I would order hot pot with lots of meat, lamb, pork, beef, fish, tofu...mmm...I am getting hungry just thinking about it. I would also order some nice vegetables and noodles, and to top it off, some ice cold beer to wash it down.

I really like hot pot because of the atmosphere it creates of everyone eating together and pulling things from the pot and dipping it in their favorite sauce, just' relaxing and enjoying `the food and the friendship.       

Part 3


1. What kinds of food do Vietnamese people like to eat?

Many Vietnamese like to eat their vegetables cooked. They enjoy eating food that is fried, steamed, and sometimes boiled, but rarely eat baked food. The only time they will eat baked goods is when they have cakes from the store. Most Vietnamese food is cut in bite-sized pieces before being cooked and served.

2. How important is eating a healthy diet?

I think eating healthy is a very important part of life. If you don't give your body what it needs then it won't be able to function well. This is why what you eat is so important to how well you are able to do things. Eating well even improves study.

3. Are there many vegetarians in Vietnam?

I believe there are a fair amount of vegetarians. Most Vietnamese already eat very little meat, so without even trying they are almost vegetarians. However, I think if they had the chance, many Vietnamese would eat more meat than they do now. Though as health awareness increases I believe there will be a rise in the number of vegetarians in Vietnam.

4. Is the food that people eat today in Vietnam different to the food that people used to eat in the past?

 I think that in many ways it is quite the same. I do know that in recent years there has been a rise in the number of fast-food restaurants. Many people, especially of the younger generation, enjoy going to these restaurants. The actual Vietnamese food, though, has not seen much change over the years.

5. How do you think the way we eat will change in the future?

Our eating habits will of course affect the way we will live in the future because of the effect it has on our health. If we eat well then we will have better health as we get older. I believe, though, that as time ROCS by fast food will become more popular. We will be entering a time in history where going fast will mean the difference between success and failure, so the food industry will change to accommodate the population's demand.

6. Is fast food popular in Vietnam?

Yes, fast food is very popular here in Vietnam. I believe the main reason is because the taste is very different from that of Vietnamese food. This appeals to the youth of Vietnam. Also the advertisements of most fast food restaurants portray their food as cool or western food.

Eating Habits

7. Do you think it's important for people to eat with their family?

I think that when you eat with your family it strengthens the family bonds. It helps you get to know each other better and learn more about what each are doing in their lives. It's very sad when families don't see each other often. Often in Vietnam mealtimes are the only time a family spends together.

8. Do Vietnamese people often eat out?

I think most families rarely eat out. Usually either the mother or the grandmother of the family will cook and prepare the food. It is more common for young singles and professionals to eat out, either alone or with classmates or colleagues. Often married or dating couples will spend a dinner together for special occasions or to get to know each other more.

9. What kind of restaurants do young people in Vietnam prefer?

I think they prefer fast-food or western restaurants. Often it's because ifs considered cool to eat or take people out to these kinds of restaurants. Or, they enjoy the food because it tastes different from Vietnamese food. They also may want to accustom themselves to western food and culture, because they want to be comfortable around foreigners or they would like to travel abroad.

10. How do you think restaurants have changed, over the past few years?

Before, the restaurants did not cater to foreigners at all. The menus were all in Vietnamese and had no pictures. Now more restaurants, especially in areas with many foreigners, will have menus in English and pictures for those who are not familiar with Vietnamese dishes.

11. How do you think restaurants will change in the future?

I think that in the future all or nearly all restaurants will have food to cater to different nationalities and food preferences. I think that the standard of both food and service will also improve. They will also probably be more sanitary.


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