W Sound

w (wow, quit, where)

The W sound (IPA symbol: w) can be found in American English words such as woman, belowwin, why, where, quick, and quiet, and one.

To correctly pronounce the W sound, form your lips into a small, tight circle. It is important to hold your lips correctly. Imagine whistling or blowing out a candle. Use the same shape to form the letter W

Your jaw should be mostly closed to make the sound, but your teeth should not touch. 

Let's Practice

You should practice the W sound in front of a mirror to make sure you are holding your lips correctly. This is not a natural sound for many non-native speakers to make.
There are three common ways to make the W sound: wwh, and qu.
W = /w/:
The most common way to spell the W sound is with a W. The W can be at the beginning, middle, or end of a word. 
1) wow
2) woman
3) wife
4) now
5) flower
6) know
7) sweet
8) win
9) rewind
10) row
11) flow
12) towel
13) winter

Wh = /w/:
The W sound is also sometimes spelled with the letters WH. 
1) why
2) where
3) when
4) while
5) what
6) white

Important note: Not all WH words are pronounced as a W sound. When the WH is followed by the OO sound or the Long O sound, it is usually pronounced as an H only (like in the words her and him).
Examples: (say these words with an H sound.)

1) who (WH + OO)
2) whom (WH + OO)
3) whole (WH + Long O)

Qu = /kw/:
The qu spelling is a K sound followed by a W sound. 
1) quit
2) quick
3) quite
4) quiet
5) queen
Here two more words that have the W sound that do not follow the spelling rules above. The W sound is in bold print.
1) one
2) choir

The W sound is very similar to the OO sound in English. They sound almost the same! The only difference is that the lips are a little more closed when forming the Wsound. 
Let's practice the W sound and OO sound side-by-side.

W sound

OO sound











Now say these sentences out loud (the W sounds are bold):
1) Quick! Where is my wife? 
2) I saw the queen in the winter. 
3) Wwill win now
4) Will the woman be quiet?
5) Nowwhat is that white flower?
7) William won the quick race.
8) I know he quit the choir.
9) Where is the wonderful queen?
10) Why doesn't this one taste sweet?

Good job! Let’s move on!




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