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Cảm nhận của cực học viên sau khi học xong khóa IELTS ở IELTS Cô Nhã

Cảm nhận của cực học viên sau khi học xong khóa IELTS ở IELTS Cô Nhã


Cực học viên lớp INTENSIVE (7)

There is not much for me to comment on regarding the course. I still remember the first days of the course, when instead of cramming us with vocabulary or structures, Mrs. Nha spent more time providing us with efficient learning methods. I have to admit that at the beginning of the course, I did not take the pieces of advice really seriously. I chose to stick with my old-fashioned way of cramming vocabulary and thought that her methods were just a waste of time as they demand significant effort. I also did not do the speaking tests, and I rarely touched the Extra Readings and Reading for Writings.

The first assessment test was about several weeks after the course started, I was still confident that I had learned a lot, and that I would be able to get a high band. But all of my fantasies got shattered when I acknowledged that I was not capable of using any of the high-level structures or vocabulary. I remember getting a 7.0 overall after the first test, and Mrs. Nha actually said that she expected a lot from me and that I would be, and should be coming back with a higher band in the final assessment test. That really motivated me a lot to continue studying while applying her studying methods.

What impressed me the most throughout the course, I think, would be the myriad of resources, as well as the amazingly efficient learning methods. We were given personal accounts on the centre’s websites to access all of the course’s data. Every time I lose a piece of document, I can always print out another version. This makes the learning process much more active and flexible for me. Also, in class, the activities are designed cleverly and delicately for students to revise the information they received from the homework documents.

Apart from providing tons of invaluable resources, Mrs. Nha also gave us valuable advice on the way of absorbing new lexical resources. Things like shadowing or chunking have been familiar terms for me for ages, but I haven’t had an actual opportunity to practice them and apply them to my studying process. After the first assessment, I was provided with a lot of videos and documentaries to shadow. And perhaps the most significant takeaway from the course, for me, was the “Phương pháp nói biện luận”, which is basically learning new words by putting them in context, in an argument. At first, I reckoned that this was a waste of time as I needed to do tons of steps: I needed to learn the meanings, learn the sample sentences, and then have to create a whole argument with the new words. But then it sprang on me that the method is actually helpful. I was able to absorb and naturally apply most of the expressions in my writing, and even in my speaking.

At the end of the day, I think that the final band score mostly depends on the learner’s efforts. I simply find that Mrs. Nha Tran rendered me with a lot of priceless experiences and knowledge that I might find nowhere else.
P/s: It also appears to me that Mrs. Nha is a cute, energetic, and modern woman, which makes me love her even more.