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Cảm nhận của học viên Trâm Anh sau khi học xong khóa IELTS ở IELTS Cô Nhã

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Trâm Anh

Dear Mrs Nha,

It’s Tram Anh here, your student from class 23B,
First of all, my sincere apology for not making it to the 2nd test and our final lesson. I’ve been quite busy recently preparing for college application abroad, which might also explain my email to you right now:>

I took the test at short notice, without much revision of past papers and other materials. Though I landed band 8.0 (L:9.0, R:9.0, W:7.0, S:7.0), I believe I could do much better if I practice shadowing and “phương pháp học biện luận” more frequently. I feel guilty writing this since my Writing and Speaking score hardly changed since our 1st test.

But let my laziness and the sheer volume of homework aside, I truly appreciate my experience learning with you! More than just adopting learning methods, I arrived at each lesson with apprehension (that I might get called:>) and delight (that you remembered my name:>). I’m grateful for all the times that I get to do video summaries in front of the class, which indeed helps develop my public speaking skill rather than “academic” speaking one.

Regarding my tips when learning IELTS, practice is the key. I did complete all Reading and Listening HW besides cramming a few more practice tests from Cam 18 and 16. I believe when you’ve practiced to a certain level of frequency, your intuition can tell which is the correct answer. It is highly recommended that you go with the flow instead of solely focusing on time-management. I did go the same way in my real test and had an extra 10 minutes to double-check all the answers. In terms of writing, it’s really hard to say whether I have improved as the score was dependent on multiple factors. Thereby, my only advice here is to complete as many 3rd drafts as possible so that you can always come up with ideas on the spot regardless of topics. Finally, speaking - the nightmare of most candidates and I am no exception. I really panicked one week or two before the real test given the untouched forecast. However, at the end of the day, I wasn’t given the topic I had prepared. So just leave it to chance or book a test date when the forecast is fully announced! All preceding information is my personal experience only and based on the fact that I have had a good foundation in English. Yet, just give it 100% of your effort, make the best use of all materials and you will make it eventually.

A few last words before sending this off, you have inspired me a lot, Mrs Nha, with your dedication and meticulousness for the job! I intend not to write this email until I get admitted into a college in the US, which can be my present for you. But here I am, so please wait for my next announcement!

Wish you happiness and success.

Your student,

Tram Anh.