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Cảm nhận của học viên Võ Hồng Anh sau khi học xong khóa IELTS ở IELTS Cô Nhã

Cảm nhận của học viên Võ Hồng Anh sau khi học xong khóa IELTS ở IELTS Cô Nhã



Listening: 9. Well, I seriously had to try my best to listen to everything. The last part and the second part, I believe, were in Aussie accent, and to make things better, the last was about Australian linguistics, so I struggled, and the answer to the last question slipped, due to my incredibly short attention span. I then freaked out trying my best to guess that answer, which was wrong anyways, but a very close guess. My tips for this part is to practice a lot, and keep yourself calm while doing the test, even when you miss one or two answers because once you’re nervous, things would slip quite easily.

Reading: 9. This was not too much of a struggle for me, as I believe I got 40/40. The reading passages were a bit longer than what we worked on in the class, but they were easier. I don’t really have any advice for this section (because I didn’t use the method you recommended, sorry .-. I read the whole thing and answered later, because I am used to that and also I am quite a quick reader so time was in no way a problem for me) but to pay attention to your time, as I witnessed so many in my room too focused on answering all questions and failed to transfer them to the answer sheet.

Writing: 8. Task 1 was table, which happened to be the only thing I chose not to revise .-. (grave mistake, my advice for others would be: do not skip anything when revising for writing task 1) but I managed to analyse the information using phrases learned for comparison. Task 2 though, caught me off-guard because it only asked for consequences, so I was asking myself whether to briefly write about other aspects of the topic. In this section, time is key, because prior to taking the real test, time mishaps happened to me once too many times. How to divide the time is up to individual preference, but it is advisable to have 5 minutes or so to proof-read your work.

Speaking: 7. Um.... I know you’re disappointed but I was too, but it was predictable for me because I did horrible. My task 2 was to describe food, and unfortunately, my vocabulary for food is in inverse proportion to the amount of food I feed on .-. And to make matters worse, I was nervous during the test, so I probably made a stuttering mess out of myself. So my advice would be, whatever you do and whatever topic you’re given, keep yourself calm.

Overall: 8.5. Yay?
So.... that’s it. One last advice for you only is to cherish the time in the class, do their homework properly and don’t let their effort (and yours as well) go to waste. The reason for this is that although the class may seem tiring (not seem, it is truly tiring), but it is going to be very helpful if people can follow through. And also, you should appreciate your time learning in this course because it is very likely that after you’ve done with it, you’re going to miss the class and the awesome teacher a lot.
Your student,
Vo Hong Anh (the wolf :3 )
P/s: Your expectation for me was 9??? How could I even get close to 9 ;-; Even if my speaking went from 7 to 8 the overall score would still be 8.5.